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Dig for that Nugget

A family may be large, or it may be small. A family may be close, or it may have dysfunction and estrangement. Regardless, every family has traditions and a story of its origin. I am going to tell you the story of a family that immigrated to Boston in 1897. This family had TEN children. … Continue reading Dig for that Nugget

Pandemic Holiday Message-2020

Everyone talks about the hustle and bustle of Black Friday. But for many years, the day after Christmas was when my grandfather was still alive he officially opened the doors of our Christmas tree farm at Cochituate Road, in Wayland, Massachusetts to the public. In his infinite wisdom, Granddaddy knew many families had traditions to … Continue reading Pandemic Holiday Message-2020

The Missing Sachem’s Club

The King Philip’s War has the distinction as being known as the bloodiest conflict per capita than any other war in American history. The colonists had settled in the New World, where they sought religious freedom and new opportunities. Although relations with the Native Peoples were initially on good terms, the desire for expansion led … Continue reading The Missing Sachem’s Club

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