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The Missing Sachem’s Club

The King Philip’s War has the distinction as being known as the bloodiest conflict per capita than any other war in American history. The colonists had settled in the New World, where they sought religious freedom and new opportunities. Although relations with the Native Peoples were initially on good terms, the desire for expansion led … Continue reading The Missing Sachem’s Club

Vacuum Domicilium

The Metacom Saga is the true story of the King Philip’s War, Philip’s last chance to drive back the frontier settlements from their native lands and regain his culture’s sovereignty. The conflict stands as the first prolonged Indian war with the English colonies. Its themes that are present in this story can also be found … Continue reading Vacuum Domicilium

Redemption Rock

The English colonies in 1675 desperately were unprepared for a war with the indigenous tribes of New England, led by King Philip. The colonists believed that they were God’s chosen people. They believed that God had created a profound agreement with them, whereupon he would grant them good fortune if they would follow the Scriptures, … Continue reading Redemption Rock

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