Sour Grapes?…The “Battle of Bloody Brook”

The year is 1675. It is the beginning of the King Philip's War, and the English are losing....BADLY. The natives have free reign of the countryside, attacking every town, every farm, and every traveler at will. Englishmen have pride at being one of the greatest powers in Europe. Even though they have left England due … Continue reading Sour Grapes?…The “Battle of Bloody Brook”

We’re English. We’re friends….right?

King Philip’s War, described as the bloodiest conflict in America’s history. To end the war, the English had to change how they looked at the world they lived in.  The military would need to look at how it fought, defended, and interacted with the natives. In 1643 the English colonies (Massachusetts Bay, New Haven, Plymouth, and Connecticut) established … Continue reading We’re English. We’re friends….right?