Would You Pay To See King Philip’s Hand In A Jar?


This is a bizarre question to ask, isn’t it? One cannot say that fault solely belongs to the Native Indians for the King Philip's War. The conflict was a collision of cultures. The two sides didn’t understand one another. In many ways, happened then, students of history have seen before, have seen repeated, is seeing … Continue reading Would You Pay To See King Philip’s Hand In A Jar?

Sour Grapes?…The “Battle of Bloody Brook”

The year is 1675. It is the beginning of King Philip's War, and the English colonists are losing...BADLY. The natives have free reign of the countryside, attacking every town, every farm, and every traveler at will. The English had the distinction of being one of the greatest powers of the time in Europe. Even though … Continue reading Sour Grapes?…The “Battle of Bloody Brook”

Pandemic Holiday Message-2020

Everyone talks about the hustle and bustle of Black Friday. But for many years, the day after Christmas was when my grandfather was still alive he officially opened the doors of our Christmas tree farm at Cochituate Road, in Wayland, Massachusetts to the public. In his infinite wisdom, Granddaddy knew many families had traditions to … Continue reading Pandemic Holiday Message-2020