Hometown Inspiration

When I was a boy, one fact that I learned while my grandfather was undergoing his research was that there was an Indian war in New England. This surprised me because I thought that only wars with natives were with cowboys and soldiers out in the Wild West. It shocked me to learn that the war was with the English the settlers. It shocked me to learn that a battle had taken place not even four miles from my house, and that one of my ancestors, Samuel Brocklebank, had died in this battle.

Many years later, when I had given up my career in the tech industry because of health issues, I found myself at a crossroads. Here I was, starting over, and I did not know which direction my life would lead me. I then decided that I would become a writer, and I already knew that I wanted to tell my ancestor’s story.

The more that I researched the battle, the more did I realize its significance. Sudbury signified the last native victory in the war. Although it was a tactical victory, it did nothing for their cause.The settlers abandoned their homes as the natives burned and destroyed everything in their wake. Despite the natives’ victory, it was not complete.From that point on, Philip’s fortune would change. The English would strengthen their defenses, change their tactics, and use their native allies to hunt Philip and his warriors down.

I decided that I would do the story a disservice if I only focused on this one battle. It is only one episode in the greater story. It cannot explain to the reader the causes of the war. The complete story needed to be told. As I continued my research, I learned the complexity of the causes of the war, and realized that the war took place of several theaters, and that there several points of view with multiple characters, one book was becoming several books. So, now I here I am, having created a saga, and I need to keep this an open world. Meaning, that although I have a finite timeline of the story, I must keep the story itself flexible. I cannot say that the Metacom Saga will be a trilogy or longer. I also can’t drag the story out or it will bore the reader.

It is fascinating that I have wanted to tell this story since I was ten years old. I would tell anybody about this who would listen. Now, I have to bring it to life.

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