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Vacuum Domicilium

The Metacom Saga is the true story of the King Philip’s War, Philip’s last chance to drive back the frontier settlements from their native lands and regain his culture’s sovereignty. The conflict stands as the first prolonged Indian war with the English colonies. Its themes that are present in this story can also be found … Continue reading Vacuum Domicilium

Redemption Rock

The English colonies in 1675 desperately were unprepared for a war with the indigenous tribes of New England, led by King Philip. The colonists believed that they were God’s chosen people. They believed that God had created a profound agreement with them, whereupon he would grant them good fortune if they would follow the Scriptures, … Continue reading Redemption Rock


I have been observing a Facebook group dedicated to the Descendants of the Mayflower. Several of the members of this group were discussing the current movement of how monuments are being torn down. Even the historic state park will change its name to Patuxet- the original Wampanoag name for the site. One person said, … Continue reading Wessaguset

Nine Men’s Misery

Have you heard the story of Nine Men’s Misery? Few, but some locals have. The tale is an example of how bloody and brutal that author Russell Bourne has described as ‘The Red King’s Rebellion’ was. The conflict devastated both sides. For the settlers, it would affect them for decades. No one would venture the … Continue reading Nine Men’s Misery

Hometown Inspiration

When I was a boy, one fact that I learned while my grandfather was undergoing his research was that there was an Indian war in New England. This surprised me because I thought that only wars with natives were with cowboys and soldiers out in the Wild West. It shocked me to learn that the … Continue reading Hometown Inspiration

Osamequin: The Father

The purpose of my writing the series called ‘The Metacom Saga’ is to give a true historical account of the events that occurred during a little known and very misunderstood conflict. This was a golden age. They considered the land to be a land of primeval darkness, to reclaim from sin in the name of … Continue reading Osamequin: The Father

The Myth of Squanto

I just love throwing curveballs at you! As with many stories in history, the truth become white-washed, embellished and facts lost to antiquity. It then becomes the historian’s task to hunt for the truth through the discovery of contemporary testimony and records. By scrutinizing over these “facts”, one can then separate the fact from the … Continue reading The Myth of Squanto

Was the Mayflower First?

Earlier this week I posted a piece that confirmed and debunked some facts about how the ‘Mayflower’ made the historic journey to New England and establish a permanent colony. As Pilgrims, they leave England for religious freedom. With the help of their guide, who learned English from English sailors, Squanto acts as an interpreter between … Continue reading Was the Mayflower First?


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